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ProGlove backhand scanner

Advantages of the ProGlove backhand scanner

The backhand scanner from ProGlove makes it possible to scan with your hands free and at the same time to have information displayed on a touch display as well as acoustic and optical feedback for success or error messages receive. This backhand scanner improves almost all processes in which scanners are used, as the devices are light and easy to use. Especially when a high number of scans have to be performed, ProGlove is profitable due to the time saved in each individual scanning process.

ProGlove Backhand Scanner

TheFlex supports the use of ProGlove backhand scanners and enables you to operate your websites or Fiori apps with ProGlove.


For tugger trains, an Android tablet with TheFlex can be permanently attached to the tractor. The tour with all orders is displayed there. In combination with ProGlove, orders can be scanned several meters away, validated and transmitted to the Fiori app on the tablet without having to carry the tablet with you.

Pairing and setting

ProGlove can be selected as an additional display in the settings. This can be decided and configured centrally by the administrator.

Pairing the browser with ProGLove or NIMMSTA

The ProGlove app is required for pairing between TheFlex and the backhand scanner. This can be used to connect the smartphone or tablet to the scanner. As soon as a website or Fiori app is opened that supports the backhand scanner, a QR code opens for the first time, which can be used to pair the backhand scanner and TheFlex. All you have to do is scan the QR code.


The Insight Mobile Application is required on the device for pairing to ProGLove.

Integration into websites or Fiori apps

From a technical point of view, TheFlex only establishes a connection between the currently open start page and the ProGlove backhand scanner and does not control it. Information from the scanner is transmitted to the website via an event and can be processed there. The website can also call up a TheFlex function so that information or actions are transmitted to the backhand scanner.


Development work is necessary for this exchange of information between the website and the backhand scanner. This is usually very small, but must nevertheless be taken into account.

The developer documentation on device pairing contains all the necessary information on how to implement the coupling between the website and the backhand scanner.