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Licensing of TheFlex

Test period

After installing and opening TheFlex for the first time, the one-week trial period can be started automatically via the Start trial period button. This test period can be activated once per device for one week and without entering an e-mail or other data.

The purpose of this period is to try out whether the industrial browser is suitable for your application. For a more detailed evaluation, a longer test period is usually necessary. Please contact us so that we can send you a license key for testing.

Activating a license key

TheFlex is now only licensed via license keys. This makes it easier to go live and allows devices from different internal and external networks to be licensed together. Once you have received a license key from us, you must activate it in TheFlex.

There are two options for this:

Option 1: Entering the license key in the settings

There is a TheFlex license section at the bottom of the settings. This lists information about your current trial period or active license key. Click on this menu item to open a new page.

License settings of TheFlex

On this page you can choose whether you want to purchase the license key directly via Google Play or activate one that we send you.

License settings of TheFlex

After you have clicked on Enter license code, the license code can be entered in the input field. As this is very long and cumbersome to enter, you can alternatively scan the QR code provided. To do this, press the small QR code button on the right-hand side of the input field. After scanning, the code is automatically entered in the input field.

License settings of TheFlex

After clicking on Activate, a message appears stating that the license code is either valid or invalid. If you receive an error message, please check whether the latest version of TheFlex is installed.

Option 2: Entering the license key via MDM

MDM systems are often used when managing a large number of devices. Like all other settings, the license key can also be configured via the MDM and distributed to the devices. Follow the instructions for configuration via MDM:

Further licensing options

With Google Play Store

It is possible to purchase TheFlex via the Google Play Store. However, this must be done separately for each device and is only recommended for a small number of devices. The usual way of licensing is to purchase a license key directly from Flexus.

With an SAP backend

In an older version of TheFlex, it was possible to activate licensing via an SAP backend. This is still possible for existing scenarios, but is no longer recommended for new implementations.