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Hardware integration

The industrial browser TheFlex represents a bridge for the opened websites, web apps and Fiori apps, via which the hardware of the device can be accessed. For this purpose, TheFlex provides functions that can be called up by the developers of the websites and apps. The following table provides an overview of the most important hardware connections.

hardware or sensorDescription
NFCProvides the ability to read and write NFC tags or send and receive data to and from other NFC-enabled devices.
VibrationEnables or disables the vibration of the device.
CameraOffers the possibility to open the camera and take a picture.
Barcode ScannersCorresponds to the camera and offers the possibility to scan a barcode directly.
PrinterOffers the possibility to send jobs to printers via WiFi.
MicrophoneOffers the possibility of recording sounds or speech.

Connections to backhand scanners are described in detail in the separate articles on NIMMSTA and ProGlove.

Integration with the various hardware is made possible via browser interfaces. This allows developers of websites or apps to integrate these functions. More information on the integration can be found in the corresponding developer articles: