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The focus of version 4.3.0 was to improve the user experience. This includes not only speeding up the use and setup of TheFlex, but also catching common errors with web pages and displaying better error messages.

Furthermore, the transition from the old to the new license codes has been completed. As of this version, only new license codes can be used.


If a license code was activated via the settings in version 4.2.x, the license page may appear again in this version.

In this case, the license code must be entered again.

All configurations with an MDM system are not affected.

ImprovementThe wizard at the beginning of the app has been shortened to improve user-friendliness.
ImprovementLicense screen in the app has been improved.
ImprovementThe user interfaces have been adapted for small screens.
New featureA button for quick pairing with backhandscanners has been added to the navbar.
New featureManaged App Config skips the welcome screen.
Bug fixingA problem with duplicate permission requestss in combination with SOTI has been fixed.
Bug fixingA bug where the license info in the settings differed from the details has been fixed.
Bug fixingA bug where the error message 408 occurred sporadically has been fixed.
Bug fixingA bug where the keyboard control for numeric keyboards was corrected (use of Enter instead of Tab).
Bug fixingA bug where the links were opened incorrectly has been fixed.
Bug fixingA bug where the SmartCard was active by default in the settings has been fixed.

In this release, several features have been added that simplify the operation. In particular, the display of errors has been improved so that it is quicker and easier to identify why web pages or apps are not loading.

Another important point is the change in licensing. The new form of the license codes contains additional information, which means that warnings are also displayed within the app when the licensing period is coming to an end. Thus, the current license can no longer suddenly expire.

New featureNew loading animation has been implemented. This makes it obvious to the user that the browser is loading.
New featureSupport for new license keys with expiration warning.
New featureKeyboard behavior can be set between standard, disabled and show via touch.
New featureNew error message page that returns the specific HTTP or SSL error to the user.
New featureAdded button for back of hand scanner in the toolbar.
ImprovementPermission dialog for files has been revised.
ImprovementOptimizations and compatibility for Android 13.
ImprovementThe Google Libraries have been updated.
ImprovementNavigation for SAP RFUI improved.
ImprovementBrowser User Agent has been customized "Mozilla/5.0 (Lin... TheFlex Browser" .
Bug fixingCamera Plugin: The correct orientation is now determined when taking photos.
Bug fixingLogging was implemented more robustly.

In this release, the process of getting started with TheFlex Browser for the first time has been simplified. The wizard has been visually redesigned and shortened, the licensing has been simplified and the first startpage has been directly pre-populated.

The following table lists more details:

New featureHelp button with link to documentation has been added.
New featurehttps:// is automatically added to start pages if no protocol is specified.
ImprovementApp theme, colors and app name have been revised.The new app name is TheFlex Browser.
ImprovementLog4j has been removed for logging, Timber is used instead.This has no effect on what is written to the logs.
Bug fixingFixed a bug in the photo function.
Bug fixingError when connecting and disconnecting external hardware has been fixed. The app no longer restarts.

Release of minor updates and new features.

New featureGPS Location implemented.
ImprovementAndroid 12+ compatibility.
ImprovementLogin detection for UI5 applications improved.

Release of minor updates and new features.

New featureManaged App Config via MDMsThe "Managed App Config" allows the system administrator to set the configuration of an app from the Google Play Store directly in an MDM and roll it out to all desired devices.
New featureEnable/Disable Managed App Config

Release of minor updates and new features.

New featureShare function when exporting the settings.
ImprovementSmartcard login can be deactivated.
Bug fixingDevice compatibility extended for devices without camera.

Release of minor updates and new features.

New featureExit button added.
ImprovementNative Toolbar is used now.
ImprovementJQuery dependencies removed.
Bug fixingNavigation support for slower devices.
Bug fixingSettings Export-Popup display speed increased.
Bug fixingErrors in the refresh of the home page have been removed.
Bug fixingWizard user interface settings is now displayed correctly even on older devices.

Release of minor updates and new features.

New featureDeeplinks are supported. This allows TheFlex to be launched directly from the browser.The following link must be used: theflex://de.flexus.theflex
New featurePrototype for WLAN tracking with Tensorflow data modelNot yet available in production
ImprovementAdded new Fiori demo app.
Bug fixingCoupon input error solved.

Release of minor updates and new features.

New featurePasswords can now be exported in plain text.
New featureLicensing possible against SAP backend.
ImprovementCoupons for longer periods of time are supported.
Bug fixingCORS problems with embedded content solved.
Bug fixingBasicAuth RFUI problems solved.