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Kiosk mode

Android only

With the Kiosk mode, users can no longer switch to other apps (or can no longer simply use the Back or Home button). This should be used if only TheFlex Browser is to be used on the device.


If an MDM such as SOTI is in use, the kiosk mode can also be activated via this system. The setting in TheFlex directly should only be used if no MDM is in use.

This setting only refers to the Android setting to set TheFlex as the launcher. If TheFlex is selected here, TheFlex is launched automatically every time the app is started and users can only exit this app via workarounds.


The use as a launcher for the kiosk mode also allows users with know-how to open other apps. It is recommended that additional security is used for devices that are publicly accessible (e.g. in public places) and are operated by people outside the company.

More information is available on request.