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TheFlex: The browser for industry and logisticsANDROID/iOSBusinessApplication

The browser for industry and logistics

The industrial browser for Android and iOS is specially tailored to the requirements of production and logistics companies.

Connections to backhand scanners, mobile printers or SAP systems enable efficient work in a professional environment.

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Never type or forget passwords again?

High security and simplicity through login via smartcard or NFC chip.

  • No forgotten passwords: No login problems or constant resetting of passwords.
  • Highest security standards through authentication with certificates, encrypted smartcards or NFC chips.

Up to 50% time savings in all scanning processes

With backhand scanners, almost all scanning processes can be significantly optimized. With TheFlex, you can connect these backhand scanners to your existing web apps or Fiori applications.

  • Support for NIMMSTA and ProGlove
  • Support for mobile printers
  • Connection of individual hardware possible

Other hardware such as printers, buttons or roller shutters can also be addressed by web apps via TheFlex. For this purpose, ready-made interfaces are available for the most common devices, but any individual interfaces can also be implemented.

SAP certified and optimized

Most new SAP applications are developed and optimized exclusively for SAP-Fiori or ITS-Mobile. To be able to use them, a web browser is necessary. TheFlex industrial browser is specially tailored for use with SAP-Fiori and ITS-Mobile:

  • Support for SAP-Fiori, ITS-Mobile and SAP-BTP Apps
  • Storing SAP login credentials
  • Multi-SAP logins for test and production systems
  • NFC functionality for SAP Fiori
  • Automatically fix display errors

With TheFlex Browser you can get the full potential out of your SAP Fiori apps. Why develop optimized, high-quality Fiori apps that cannot be used optimally on standard browsers?

The TheFlex industry browser is now also available in the SAP Store. Tested and specifically tailored for use with SAP, this browser was developed with a focus on SAP Fiori and ITS Mobile.

Security through simplicity

Secure and easy logins

Forgotten or lost login data is a thing of the past. TheFlex allows you to control access to your apps or websites securely and conveniently.

Login with smartcard

Secure login via certificate on smartcards. Simple and intuitive for users.

Login with OAuth

Single sign-on and authentication via OAuth providers such as Microsoft Azure.

Login with NFC chip

Easy and fast login via NFC chips.

Login with QR code

Quick login with just one scan at SAP, Azure or other systems.

Predefined startpages

Never type URLs or search for apps again

Individual websites or Fiori apps can be predefined as startpages in the settings or in a Mobile Device Management (MDM). Users do not have to remember any URLs; the startpages are opened automatically.

Predefined startpages:
With predefined startpages that open automatically at startup, users don't have to type in URLs. New or changed URLs can also be distributed centrally to all devices.
Full screen for the app:
Status and navigation bars of the operating system can be hidden, URL or bookmark bars are not necessary - the complete screen is for your app or website.
Configuration via MDM:
All settings can be maintained centrally in a Mobile Device Management such as SOTI and rolled out to devices. This means that no settings have to be configured on the devices or by users themselves.

Utilize the entire screen

Aren't screens always too small anyway?

Almost all screens are very small for users in production and logistics, especially if they have to be operated with gloves. With most browsers, a large part of the screen is occupied by useless elements that take away space from the actual application. TheFlex, on the other hand, gives the application 100% of the screen.

Do you operate the device exclusively with scanners? Only by hand? Or both with scanners and by hand? TheFlex offers the right keyboard control for all scenarios:

Only with scanners
The keyboard is never opened. It can be opened via API.
With scanner and hand
The keyboard does not open automatically, only when you click on the input field.
Only by hand
Default behavior, keyboard opens as usual.

More than just a browser

Developed for industry, production and logistics

TheFlex offers a wide range of unique features that extend and enhance your webapps or Fiori apps. The following items are selected examples, for the full list see the documentation page.

Backhand scanners
Integration of NIMMSTA and ProGlove into websites and Fiori apps.
Smartcard and OAuth
Secure login via encrypted smartcards or Single sign-on.
Network Analysis
Analyze your network in case of connection problems.
Kiosk mode
No switches to other apps possible (if enabled).
Offline support
Enables websites and web apps to use offline features.
SAP Integration
Full support for SAP Fiori, SAP BTP and ITS Mobile.

Try for free now

TheFlex is available for free download for both Android and iOS. You can test the industry browser of the future for one week free of charge at any time, without providing your data.

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Custom logo, colors and corporate identity

Your corporate colors with your own logo and description. So you can manage your own browser for your company.

  • Custom app name
  • Custom icon
  • Custom app colors
  • Custom descriptions and texts
  • Publish under your own Play/App Store account

Customize or automate existing websites

Almost all websites or web apps can be customized with Custom Scripts. It is not only possible to customize the appearance, but also to automate functions.

These scripts can be developed and modified independently. For example, the following scenarios can be implemented:

  • Adapt old websites, such as ITS-Mobile, to small scanner screens.
  • Hide unnecessary information.
  • Enlarge or highlight important information in color.
  • Automate login or other processes.

More information on this topic is available in the documentation and the notes for developers.

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