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In the normal license fees, support is only guaranteed in the context of errors in TheFlex. This means that support can be guaranteed for any errors or bugs in TheFlex or the SAP backend (if used).

If you have any questions or problems regarding the configuration, going live or integrating external hardware, we are of course also at your disposal, but all inquiries from customers with priority support (see next section) have priority and we cannot guarantee response times.

Apart from questions and problems, we are always happy to receive ideas and requests for new features. TheFlex is constantly being developed and a new version is released several times a year. Your feedback helps us to plan and prioritize which features to implement next.

The following form can be used for these inquiries. Alternatively, an email can also be sent directly to


Topic of request:

I found an error or bug in TheFlex.

I have a general question regarding TheFlex.

I would like to have an additional feature.

Priority support

Priority support can be added to TheFlex licenses at any time. Our support department is then not only at your disposal for problems or questions, but also for support with the go-live or the configuration.

In most cases, a support budget of a few days for a year has proven to be the most flexible solution. Within this budget, we offer you priority support with a few benefits:

  • Contact person for all questions and problems
  • General support for going live
  • Guaranteed response times and SLA
  • Access to the roadmap with planned features including the possibility to submit and prioritize additional requests