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Configuration of TheFlex with QR codes

With this important functionality, settings can be easily and quickly distributed from one device to another.

Export settings

A very handy feature of TheFlex Browser is the ability to export all settings. This function makes it possible to export all the settings made in the app as a QR code or file. The export can then be distributed to other devices.


Export as a file only works for Android. QR codes are available for iOS and Android.

The exported file can be transferred to other devices either manually, via scripts or with special tools. This means that settings can be defined on a test device, exported and distributed to any number of other devices. Exporting as a QR code is even more convenient for many applications. The QR code, which appears directly when you click on "Export" or which can be downloaded as a PDF, can be scanned directly by another TheFlex, which means that these settings are transferred to the other device.


Exporting as a QR code is often used for the following scenarios:

  • A key user adds several home pages of the most important apps, websites or launchpads to his TheFlex. Another key user or colleague then scans the QR code to test a fully configured and operational industrial browser.
  • A key user configures TheFlex for himself. The QR code is then printed out and hung up in the office so that other people can have the latest settings with them with a click and scan.
  • If the number of devices used is not too high, the settings are also transferred to the productive devices via this function. This is quick, but requires an action (the import) on each device.

Import settings

With this function, the QR code, which is either displayed on another TheFlex, has been printed out or is opened as a PDF, can be scanned. All settings are then directly overwritten with the values from the imported file or the scanned QR code.


Export as a file only works for Android. QR codes are available for iOS and Android.


This overwrites the current settings.