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SAP integration

The industrial browser TheFlex has been optimized in some places specifically for use with SAP frontends, in particular SAP Fiori and ITS Mobile. In addition to optimizations and bug fixes in the display, the storage of SAP credentials is to be highlighted:

Saving of SAP access data

As described in the Instructions for configuring the start pages, SAP users and, if required, the password for start pages can be saved. If one of these start pages is opened and the SAP login screen appears, the user name and password are filled in automatically.


For key users, the URLs for the test, quality assurance and productive system can simply be entered here. On the one hand, it can be tested quickly and easily, but it can also be checked at any time what the differences between the different systems are.


Saving the username is often used, however the password should only be used by key users to facilitate testing and never used in production. The password is stored on the device and can be read out if the device falls into the wrong hands.