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Industry Edition

The Industry Edition of TheFlex is suitable for all areas of application in production and logistics. The focus in this edition is on increasing productivity, simplifying operation and connecting external devices. Examples of application scenarios include the following:

  • Picking & other scanning processes in the warehouse
  • Goods receipt & goods issue
  • Yard management & maintenance
  • Forklifts & tugger trains
  • Production dialogues

Basic functions

All the basic features are included in this edition:

  • Fixed start pages
  • Show and hide navigation or status bars
  • Interfaces for accessing device hardware, such as NFC, Bluetooth or offline storage
  • Integration of external hardware such as backhand scanners or printers

Central distribution of settings

As in any industrial environment, there are also various options for maintaining the settings centrally and then distributing them to all devices. This can be achieved either via export and import via QR code or via Mobile Device Management (MDM) systems such as SOTI.


Of course, this edition is also very safe. Except for licensing, there is no data exchange with servers that are not used by the website or Fiori app accessed. This means that no analysis data, telemetry, meta information or other details are shared with us or other third-party companies. Even the licensing can be solved differently if required, which means that no data exchange with external systems has to take place. The next article on the Security Edition lists the differences even more clearly. However, some security features are also included in this edition, such as locking the settings with a password. As a result, the centrally distributed settings can no longer be changed by users in the warehouse and production. Support for secure login functionalities such as NFC SmartCards with certificates or OAuth2 are also included here. More information on this can be found in the articles on the individual features.

SAP integration

No SAP system is required for TheFlex. The browser works with any server or ERP system. However, some additional functions have been implemented specifically for improved and easier use with SAP Fiori and ITS-Mobile applications. For example, access data can be saved, Fiori launch pads can be unlocked with NFC chips or logs can be logged in the SAP system.