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Release of version 4.5.0


The focus of version 4.5.0 was to simplify the use of existing features, remove bugs and integrate feedback and requests from the last version.

To simplify logins in particular, many users of TheFlex already use a login via NFC chip. Introducing and establishing this NFC-based process is quite simple, but still requires external software and hardware. In the future, this should work in just a few minutes and exclusively with TheFlex. In preparation for these improvements, a tool has now been integrated into the settings with which any content can be written to and read from an NFC chip.

New featureNFC tool for writing and reading NFC chips directly in the app.
New featureDelete cookies when changing start page. More information
New featureClear cache when changing start page. More information
New featureThe screen can be locked if the connection is lost. More information
New featureLogs can be exported. More information
ImprovementSupport of wildcards in the URL for custom scripts.
ImprovementLink to the error solution for SSL error messages. In the event of certain errors, the user is directly shown the reason and solution for the problem.
ImprovementBehavior of the Android back button in the settings standardized.
ImprovementPagination in logs added. Speeds up the calling of the logs.
ImprovementSome unhelpful log messages have been removed, but other useful ones have been added.
Bug fixingError handling for SAML authentication adapted to avoid an endless loop.
Bug fixingCanceling when scanning the settings QR code no longer exits the settings.
Bug fixingNIMMSTA interface implemented more robustly.
Bug fixingFreeze in standby after 5 minutes has been fixed.
Bug fixingWith BasicAuth, pre-assigned credentials are only automatically transferred to the host of the start page.