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Release of version 4.4.0


With version 4.4.0, two major features were added: Custom Scripts and a Kiosk mode.

With the scripts, it is possible to define JavaScript, which is inserted into any websites and apps by the browser. This can be used to implement many functions, such as login via QR code and NFC as well as customizing old web applications or hiding unnecessary fields. Further details with examples of how these scripts can be used can be found in the instructions to Custom Scripts.

Kiosk mode can be used if no MDM is in use, which usually includes kiosk mode. More details can also be found in the instructions for kiosk mode.

New featureCustom Scripts to customize websites, enable login via NFC or login via QR code.
New featureKiosk mode to prevent users from navigating out of TheFlex Browser.
New featureYou can configure whether cookies should be saved or deleted after closing.
New featureYou can configure whether the device screen should remain switched on even when inactive.
ImprovementMore events are now written to the logs in order to better analyze errors.
ImprovementOptimizations in the connection to NIMMSTA have been added.
ImprovementIf websites or apps are not accessible or errors occur, the user is now shown more details.
ImprovementIncorrect settings are now handled better and errors are displayed to the user.
AdaptationSome descriptions and texts have been adapted to make them easier to understand.