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Release of version 4.2.0


In this release, several features have been added that simplify the operation. In particular, the display of errors has been improved so that it is quicker and easier to identify why web pages or apps are not loading.

Another important point is the change in licensing. The new form of the license codes contains additional information, which means that warnings are also displayed within the app when the licensing period is coming to an end. Thus, the current license can no longer suddenly expire.

New featureNew loading animation has been implemented. This makes it obvious to the user that the browser is loading.
New featureSupport for new license keys with expiration warning.
New featureKeyboard behavior can be set between standard, disabled and show via touch.
New featureNew error message page that returns the specific HTTP or SSL error to the user.
New featureAdded button for back of hand scanner in the toolbar.
ImprovementPermission dialog for files has been revised.
ImprovementOptimizations and compatibility for Android 13.
ImprovementThe Google Libraries have been updated.
ImprovementNavigation for SAP RFUI improved.
ImprovementBrowser User Agent has been customized "Mozilla/5.0 (Lin... TheFlex Browser" .
Bug fixingCamera Plugin: The correct orientation is now determined when taking photos.
Bug fixingLogging was implemented more robustly.