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Release of version 4.3.0


The focus of version 4.3.0 was to improve the user experience. This includes not only speeding up the use and setup of TheFlex, but also catching common errors with web pages and displaying better error messages.

Furthermore, the transition from the old to the new license codes has been completed. As of this version, only new license codes can be used.


If a license code was activated via the settings in version 4.2.x, the license page may appear again in this version.

In this case, the license code must be entered again.

All configurations with an MDM system are not affected.

ImprovementThe wizard at the beginning of the app has been shortened to improve user-friendliness.
ImprovementLicense screen in the app has been improved.
ImprovementThe user interfaces have been adapted for small screens.
New featureA button for quick pairing with backhandscanners has been added to the navbar.
New featureManaged App Config skips the welcome screen.
Bug fixingA problem with duplicate permission requestss in combination with SOTI has been fixed.
Bug fixingA bug where the license info in the settings differed from the details has been fixed.
Bug fixingA bug where the error message 408 occurred sporadically has been fixed.
Bug fixingA bug where the keyboard control for numeric keyboards was corrected (use of Enter instead of Tab).
Bug fixingA bug where the links were opened incorrectly has been fixed.
Bug fixingA bug where the SmartCard was active by default in the settings has been fixed.