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Android Go

What is Android Go?

Android Go is a lightweight version of the Android operating system designed for low-end devices with limited hardware capabilities, particularly those with 1GB of RAM or less. It was first introduced by Google in 2017 as a part of its initiative to make Android more accessible to users with lower-end devices.

Android Go comes with a stripped-down version of the Android operating system and optimized versions of Google apps such as Google Assistant, YouTube, Gmail, and Google Maps, among others. The operating system is designed to run smoothly on devices with limited resources, and the apps are optimized to take up less storage space and use less data.

Android Go devices typically come with entry-level hardware specifications and are aimed at users in emerging markets, as well as those who are looking for an affordable smartphone experience. The idea is to provide a basic, reliable smartphone experience with access to essential apps and services without breaking the bank.

In summary, Android Go is a lightweight version of the Android operating system designed for low-end devices with limited hardware capabilities, offering a basic, reliable smartphone experience for users who want to use essential apps and services at an affordable price point.

When should I use Android Go?

In an industrial environment, you should consider using Android Go instead of normal Android in the following situations:

  1. Limited hardware resources: If you are deploying devices with low-end hardware specifications or have budget constraints, Android Go is designed to work efficiently on entry-level smartphones with less powerful processors and small amounts of memory (between 512 MB and 2 GB of RAM) (
  2. Optimizing resource usage: If your industrial use case involves minimizing data, storage, and memory usage, Android Go can be beneficial. The Go edition comes with lightweight versions of Google apps and encourages the use of Lite versions of other apps, which are optimized for low-resource devices (
  3. Limited cellular data or bandwidth: If your industrial environment has limited cellular data or bandwidth availability, Android Go can help manage data consumption by compressing media and information downloads, thus optimizing data usage (

However, keep in mind that Android Go may not support all the features and functionalities of regular Android apps due to its stripped-down nature. If your industrial environment requires more advanced features or high-performance devices, normal Android may be a better choice. Additionally, Android Go devices receive updates from the OEM, so consider the manufacturer's update frequency and support when choosing devices for your industrial environment (