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Google Play Services

What are the Google Play Services?

Google Play Services is a core system software that enables key functionality on every certified Android device. It acts as a software layer between the Android OS and your applications, providing a range of APIs for developers to create high-quality experiences in their apps. This includes sending timely notifications, syncing data across devices, and enabling embedded app functionality like Google Maps.

Google Play Services connects apps to other Google services, such as Google Sign In and Google Maps. It updates independently of Android, allowing Google to add new features to phones without the need for Android OS updates. This also helps developers make better apps by providing a uniform way to perform simple tasks, like accessing location data or sending push notifications (

Some examples of how Google Play Services keeps your Android phone safe include:

  1. Updating itself automatically in the background, enabling Google to roll out changes, improvements, and new features without relying on firmware updates from carriers or device manufacturers (
  2. Providing a platform for Google's Covid-19 Exposure Notification System, which was quickly added to Android devices running firmware from 2014 or later. This allowed Google to address any issues with the system promptly across the entire ecosystem.

In summary, Google Play Services is an essential component of the Android ecosystem, providing a bridge between Android OS, apps, and Google services, while also enhancing security and enabling seamless updates for new features and improvements.

Do I need the Google Play Services?

In an industrial environment, the need for Google Play Services may depend on the specific use case and the requirements of the applications being used. If the applications being used require Google Play Services to function properly, then it would be necessary to have it installed on the Android devices.

Some industrial applications, such as those used for inventory management or asset tracking, may not require Google Play Services to function properly. In such cases, it may be possible to use Android devices without Google Play Services, or to use alternative app stores or services that do not require it.

It is important to consider the potential security implications of not having Google Play Services installed, as it provides important security updates and bug fixes to the Android operating system. If security is a concern, it is recommended to keep Google Play Services updated or to use alternative security measures.

Does Google Play Services work on devices without internet access?

Google Play Services requires an active internet connection to download updates and to access some of its features, such as location services and push notifications. However, once Google Play Services is installed and up to date on a device, it may continue to function even if the device is not connected to the internet.

For example, some Android apps may use Google Play Services to provide location services, such as GPS or Wi-Fi location data, even when the device is not connected to the internet. The device may also continue to use cached data from Google Play Services, such as stored maps or location data, even when offline.

It is worth noting that some features of Google Play Services may require a periodic internet connection to function properly, such as security updates or certain app functionalities that require a network connection. Additionally, if Google Play Services is not up to date, it may not function properly even if the device has internet access.

How can I remove the Google Play Services?

You can't uninstall Google Play Services without root access, as it is a core component of the Android operating system. However, you can disable it if you still want to proceed, but keep in mind that disabling Google Play Services may lead to various issues with your device's functionality, including app crashes, network problems, and messaging issues.

To disable Google Play Services, follow these steps:

  1. Go to your phone's Settings > Applications > All (or Apps > All apps, depending on your device).
  2. Find and open Google Play Services.
  3. Tap the "Disable" button.
  4. You will get a pop-up message warning about the possible negative effects on your device's performance. Confirm by tapping on the "Ok" button.

Disabling Google Play Services may cause problems for your device, so it's recommended only for troubleshooting purposes. If you decide to re-enable it later, you can follow the same steps and tap the "Enable" button instead.