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Android Version Support

This article provides an overview of commonly used devices/platforms and their Android support. When buying new hardware, it is important to check which version is currently supported and how long security updates will be available, especially with Android. This is an important indicator of how long the hardware can be used productively.

The following table lists the latest Android versions and their release dates (Source: Wikipedia):

NameTypeRelease DateLatest security patch date
Android 10Old versionSeptember 3, 2019February 2023
Android 11Old versionSeptember 8, 2020April 2023
Android 12Old versionOctober 4, 2021April 2023
Android 12L (12.1)Old versionMarch 7, 2022April 2023
Android 13Current versionAugust 15, 2022April 2023
Android 14PreviewQ3 2023April 2023
Android 15Future releaseQ3 2024-

You can use the table above to check whether your devices or platforms support an Android version that is reasonably up-to-date and still receives security updates.

Hardware or platformAndroid version supportLink
All devices on the Honeywell Mobility Edge platformGuarantee for Android 12 , commitment for Android
Zebra devices: CC600, CC6000, EC50, EC55, ET5x, MC20, MC2200, MC2700, MC3300x, MC3300ax, MC3330xR, MC3390xR, MC9300, TC21, TC21-HC, TC26, TC26-HC, TC52, TC52x, TC52ax, TC52-HC, TC52x-HC, TC57, TC57x, TC72, TC77, TC8300, VC8300, WT6300Android 11 with upgrade for Android 13, plans for Android