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Security Edition

The Security Edition of TheFlex has been developed for all scenarios and areas of application with increased security requirements. All functionalities of the Industry Edition are included here, in addition there are further features in two security-relevant areas:

  • Security from external threats
  • Data security

Examples of application scenarios include the following:

  • Processing and display of sensitive and private personal data
  • Apps with medical information or patient data
  • Apps in the field of defense or security

Security from external threats

This point refers to external actors or malware. For example, the Security Edition can detect if the device has been compromised or if the network connection is insecure. This makes it possible either to start TheFlex directly or to prevent the website or web app from loading so that no access to internal systems or data is possible.

Data security

In some applications, very sensitive data is used, some of which must be protected for legal reasons. The Security Edition of TheFlex can be used to prevent this data from being intentionally or unintentionally extracted from the user's websites or web apps. For example, screenshots of the data can be prevented or texts can be copied out.


The Security Edition should be used consciously. Some security functions restrict the user and make work more difficult. It is important to weigh up whether these limitations are worth the extra security. We would be happy to support you in this decision.