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Custom branding

There is the option of selling or publishing TheFlex as a white label solution. This means colors and logos can be customized but functionality remains the same. The option of custom branding, i.e. a version of TheFlex with the corporate identity of your own company, is not only available to our partners, but also to customers.

Custom branding

The following points can be customized:

  • The name and description of the app
  • The icon of the app
  • Specific colors within the app
  • Descriptions or texts within the app

In addition, this custom version can be published and distributed to devices in different ways. For iOS, this can be published to either their own or the Flexus Apple account. For Android, this can also be published via your own or the Flexus Google account. Furthermore, the Play Store can be bypassed directly with Android by distributing the app directly via a mobile device management system.


When publishing independently, the current version can and must be submitted to Apple or Google for review and published.

In the case of special requirements, such as specific hardware connections, individual functions or the integration of existing apps, adjustments can also be made to TheFlex that go beyond custom branding. A personal interview is recommended for these topics.


Since custom branding requires not just a one-time effort, but with each new release, this service cannot be offered free of charge. We would be happy to put together an offer for you.