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Configuration of important Android settings

Some settings must be made in the Android operating system settings so that they can be used as default by TheFlex. This article describes the settings that are most commonly used.


The language in TheFlex is based on the language settings in Android.


The Android settings can be used to define which keyboard should be used. Depending on the keyboard, additional settings can also be made here, such as:

  • Text correction
  • Automatic capitalization
  • Vibration when pressing a button
  • Voice input button

This keyboard with all settings is also used in TheFlex. In addition, however, settings can be made in TheFLex to control the opening of the keyboard.

Auto rotate screen

Here you can define whether the screen should be aligned horizontally or vertically, and whether this should be fixed. It is advisable to set a fixed orientation here so that content does not have to be redrawn in the browser.


NFC or smartcard logins require NFC functionality to be enabled.

Display lock

Here you can define whether the device should be automatically locked after a certain period of time without being used.